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Saudia Arabia

Application ends: 2024-03-31

Opening Job Vacancies: Staff Nurse Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

Job Industry: Healthcare

Country: Saudia Arabia – Ministry of Defense Kingdom Saudia of Arabia


Essential:  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or, for non-Magnet journey hospitals, a Higher Education Diploma in Nursing from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Malaysia (minimum 3 years duration).

Professional Licensure:

Essential:  Valid license and registration in home country (non-Saudi nationals).

Essential:  Registration with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) as a Specialist or higher.

Reports to:  Nurse Manager

Responsible for: Nurse Assistants/Healthcare Assistants

Liaises with: All interdisciplinary stakeholders within the organization, and as per delegation.

Job Summary

Supports Nursing Administration in the overall operations of Nursing Services through the provision of direct patient care, specifically meeting targets/deliverables within their clinical assignment(s), as per their designated clinical area/unit and delegated duties.

Supports Nursing Administration in the implementation of the organization and departmental Strategic Plans through teamwork and transformational leadership.

Duties and Responsibilities

The employee will:

  1. Complete all aspects of the nursing process including the assessment, diagnosis, plan, implementation and evaluation of nursing care with appropriate documentation across the continuum of care.
  2. Deliverer evidence-based/best practice, exemplary nursing according to national and international standards.
  3. Embrace continuing professional development.
  4. Empower and foster teamwork to achieve nursing practice and operational excellence in the delivery of high quality, safe and efficient patient care, supporting patient/family-centered care.
  5. Provide emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to patients and families.
  6. Provide visible and effective transformational leadership at the bedside which fosters a positive, safe working environment, a Culture of Safety and a Culture of Civility.
  7. Complete risk assessments as applicable to the age and clinical condition of the patient and implements strategies to mitigate/address risks.
  8. Collaborate with the interdisciplinary team members in the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the patient’s plan of care.
  9. Ensure high quality patient care by adhering to therapeutic standards; measuring health outcomes against patient care goals.
  10. Administer prescribed medications and treatments, utilizing safe medication administration principles in adherence to MODHS and organizational policies and procedures.
  11. Provide patient/family education in response to identified learning/health needs.
  12. Utilize knowledge of cultural diversity and empathy in the provision of patient and family centered care and maintain patient confidentiality.
  13. Adhere to MODHS, organization and Nursing Department policies, procedures, regulatory standards, guidelines, standard operating procedures and instructions, facilitating a workflow in a controlled and consistent manner.
  14. Demonstrate compliance of evidence-based policies, procedures and guidelines in fulfilment with regulatory requirements
  15. Provide orientation and preceptorship of new staff, as per authority and delegation. Mentors existing staff.
  16. Provide verbal and written feedback for probationary/ongoing performance evaluations for trainee(s) and staff in the clinical setting.
  17. Foster growth and development of a national workforce.
  18. Promote confidence and transparency through effective and professional communication.
  19. Participate in and support patient experience initiatives across the continuum of care while working inter-professionally within the organization.

Professional Licensure:

Essential:Valid license and registration in home country (non-Saudi nationals).

Essential:Registration with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) as a Specialist or higher.

Professional Experience

Essential:   2+ years recent clinical nursing experiences (non-Saudi nationals).

Specialized Knowledge/Skills

Essential:  The ability to motivate, set standards and demonstrate accountability of self and others in the team.

Essential:  Demonstrates knowledge of clinical integration of evidence-based practice and standard of care (Clinical Decision Making).

Essential:  Demonstrates high-level analytical and problem-solving skills (Critical Thinking).

Essential:  Demonstrates effective conflict management skills.

Essential:  Ability to work cooperatively and strategically in a multicultural team environment with all levels of healthcare professionals, technical and administrative staff.

Essential:  Capacity to create and maintain positive experiences, develop effective partnerships with internal and external stakeholders and patients and their families in a healthcare setting.

Essential:  Demonstrates ability to manage multiple priorities and delegate accordingly.

Essential:   Facilitates team building.

Essential:   Enhances commitment, efficiency, productivity, and team success.

Essential:   Works in a timely manner while meeting deadlines.

Personal Qualities/Attitudes

Essential:  Creates an inclusive culture where everyone’s contribution is acknowledged and   recognized.

Essential:  Creates an environment committed to excellence and quality and provides  leadership around change for improvement in patient care.

Essential:   Considers a range of factors in the planning process (e.g. costs, timing, customer needs, resources available, etc.).

Essential:   Recognizes unsafe or potentially hazardous elements within work systems and procedures and acts to correct the situation.

Essential:   Takes ownership of defined objectives and takes actions accordingly.

Essential:   Adheres to the Kingdom’s laws and organization’s policies & procedures.

Essential:   Encourages the team to promote their work throughout the organization.

Essential:   Demonstrates and promotes loyalty to the organization at all times and in all situations.

Essential:   Displays professional and civil behavior at all times.

Essential:  Highly responsive, ethical, and transparent behavior with a professional approach and willingness to be held accountable for results, including understanding and success in change management.      

Essential: Demonstrates inspirational approaches that drive and inspire other team members in the achievement of outcomes.

Essential:  In all interactions, is guided by the needs of the patients, creating a partnership that is effective across the continuum of care.

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