Hendra Kurniawan

Maintenance Planning - Project Controller Engineer



Dedicated professional Maintenance Planning – Project Controller Engineer in petrochemical industry with history of meeting company goals utilizing consistent and organized practices. Responsible to support development of maintenance project planning and execution comprehensively including day to day activity and reporting, in conformance to company procedures and target. Bring 6 years of valuable project maintenance expertise to forward company objectives. Attentive to detail with experience in control and coordinating project maintenance, maintenance programs, and maintenance project improvements.


Chandra Asri Petrochemical                                                                                    Cilegon, Banten. Indonesia

Maintenance Planning – Project Controller Engineer                                                           August 2017 – Present

  • Led team as Maintenance Project control in $12.3M project turnaround maintenance of 5 polymer plants: Polypropylene = PP#1, PP#2, PP#3 (Univation Technology), Polyethylene = LLDPE (Univation Technology), HDPE (Showa Denko) start from June 2019 to September 2019.
  • Led team as Maintenance Project control in maintenance Heater Revamping Project of ethylene furnace BA-101, BA-102, BA-103, BA-104, BA-105, BA-106, BA-107, BA-109 (Lummus Technology), and BA-108 (KBR Technology).
  • Led team as project control for planned or unplanned project in boiler, ethylene furnace, GTG, Polyethylene plant, and Polypropylene plant.
  • Created and managed detail Maintenance planning and its schedule from worklist, highlighting risks in schedules, provide mitigation plan, identifying critical path activities and manpower requirements, by closely work coordination with executor sections (Mechanic, Electric, Instrument, Civil, Engineering, Inspection, SHE, etc.).
  • Led team as project maintenance focal point for specific Maintenance project scopes that responsible to coordinate, accommodate, and follow up with multidisciplinary team of Operation, Maintenance, Engineering, Inspection, Project, Workshops, SHE, Supporting, etc., to achieve the milestones for the Maintenance planning and execution phases.
  • Chaired project meetings to discuss current and upcoming plant/equipment Maintenance activities, discussing planning issues, and updating the Maintenance planning accordingly with S-curve.
  • Set the Maintenance project milestones target dates on the assigned plants/units and follow-up to achieve the target.
  • Managed and control the execution of assigned Maintenance project plant as per schedule, budget, safety and quality standards.
  • Assisted Maintenance user sections related with technical specifications for the award of contracts for works and services.
  • Specified and utilized all appropriate resources in accordance with approved schedules and supervise clean-up and demobilization of all resources from site after completion of the assigned project.
  • Identified the long lead materials and lead/guide the planners to order the materials.
  • Coordinated by conduct close communication with Purchasing/Procurement team to ensure that all the PR for required material or services might arrive and available before project execution.
  • Prepared the realistic project maintenance budget based on the final scope of work and execution plan. Tight control and always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce the cost of project.
  • Led engineer, planner/scheduler from all related discipline to prepare the activity schedule, review and finalize the project schedule based on the critical path method.
  • Tracked all project maintenance preparation works through a daily/weekly project maintenance meeting to ensure everything will be ready in execution.
  • Developed work breakdown structures (WBS) and project maintenance work scopes and plan with assistance of maintenance executor teams.
  • Monitored overall project maintenance progress status, achievement of major milestones, and evaluate project maintenance performance in relation to planned schedule and make daily progress report to all line from engineer to BOD using S-Curve, including all work highlight activity, work constraint, work progress, information about manpower and man hour, and other related information.
  • Coordinated with Operation, PNO (Planning and Optimization), and maintenance executor section related with plant Maintenance scheduling, Maintenance corrective action and its requirement (material, manpower) to be communicated with Purchasing/Procurement team to be fulfilled.
  • Created post- project maintenance analysis and reporting for assigned area of work with emphasis on lessons learnt and recommendations for the next project maintenance for continual improvement.
  • Maintained historical records for project, including duration, Maintenance cause, and budget occur.

Hyundai Machinery Indonesia                                                                                               Jakarta, Indonesia

Spare Parts Staff                                                                                                           August 2012 – September 2014

  • Managed parts warehousing, supply chain, logistic, and inventory including: receipt, storage, retrieval, and timely delivery of goods, shipment loading, document recording, and reconciliation in Hyundai Ceres system.
  • Collected and developed information on dealer issues and development progress about spare parts and assisting Hyundai headquarter Korea on exploring new prospective dealers in the spare parts territory by joining Hyundai World Parts conferences.
  • Conducted strategic plan with team to increase sales part refer the domestic condition.
  • Organized weekly meeting with Director, Sales, Finance, Service Department related with spare parts transaction and issues.

Prasetia Dwidharma                                                                                                                    Jakarta, Indonesia

Project Officer                                                                                                                          October 2011 – July 2012

  • Conducted intensive communication with customer to update the progress, related with time schedule and payment per term from the customer’s side.
  • Controlled the progress of job on the field site and keep tracking it to still on schedule with the project window.
  • Prepared the parts and material supply by close coordination with Logistics team and Purchasing team for on time delivery and site arrival.


Bina Nusantara University                                                                                                               Jakarta, Indonesia

Bachelor’s Degree of Industrial Engineering (GPA 2,67)                                                      Aug’ 2012 – Jul’ 2016

Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic                                                                                                   Jakarta, Indonesia

Associate’s Degree of Manufacturing Production Process Engineering                           Sep’ 2008 – Nov’ 2016


Professional Skills:

Ms. Project, Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, Ms. PowerPoint, Ms. Visio, Minitab, SAP PM, Arena, S-Curve, Petrochemical, WBS.

Interpersonal Skills:

Strong safety awareness, Responsibility, Passionate at work, Performance delivery focus, Demonstrable cross discipline Leadership capability, Implement adherence to company values, Public Speaking and effective communication for effective team collaboration, adaptability skill, creative, and communicate & coordinating the issues to work towards a solution, dependability, commissioning, project planning and execution, project team management, start up and handover, sourcing coordination and management, excel in collaboration skills.


Indonesian (Native), English (Fluent, TOEFL 517), Russian and Arabic (Beginner).

Training & Certifications:

Advanced Shutdown & Outages training by Salvo Global, 2018. Supervisory Development Program by Premysis Consulting, 2018. Heavy Equipment 9S-Series Excavator Operations Training (Introduction-Basic Service-Correct Operation with Correct Specification-Maintenance-Performance Test) by Hyundai Heavy Industries, 2014. Arena Software Simulation by Binus University, 2015. Why-Why Analysis Training by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2019. Tableau Test Drive Training for Maintenance by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2019. Statistic Training by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2019. Housekeeping & Hazardous Waste Management by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2019. PSSR Training by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2018. Problem Solving Training by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2020. Management of Change by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2020. Contractor Safety Management System by Chandra Asri Petrochemical, 2021. The occupational safety and health technical training of confined space, 2023.

Organizational Experience:

  • President of HIMA (Student Association) Manufacturing Production Process Engineering at Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic, Jakarta (Mar’ 2010 – Mar’ 2011)
  • Member of Sport and Event division HIMA (Student Association) Manufacturing Production Process Engineering at Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic, Jakarta (Feb’ 2009 – Mar’ 2010)
  • Division head of Physical and Creativity sector of Student Council at Senior High School 1, Serang (Oct 2006 – Oct 2007)
  • Member of Physical and Creativity sector of Student Council at Senior High School 1, Serang (Oct 2005 – Oct 2006)


Work Experience
07-08-2016/ Present
Maintenance Planning - Project Controller Engineer
Chandra Asri Petrochemical

Still working

20-08-2012/ 04-09-2014
Education & Training
20-09-2012/ 21-07-2016
Bachelor Degree
Bina Nusantara University

Bachelor Degree of Industrial Engineering

06-09-2008/ 10-10-2011
Diploma Degree
Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic

Diploma Degree of Production and Process Manufacturing Engineering

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