Dinar Masruri Ulama

DCS Operator


Bachelor of chemical engineering with research paper about Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and final paper about preliminary plant design of methanol from natural gas. More than five years working experience in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in refining gas treatment, acid gas removal process, liquefaction, and fractionation including process and equipment operation. Currently working as DCS operator for Gas Refinery Unit (with composition 40% of CO2 and 2% of H2S) consisting of condensate plant, acid gas (CO2 and H2S) removal plant and LPG plant by producing lean gas, LPG and condensate, located in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia. This experience makes me understand about safety, plant operation, process control and quality. Also, it makes me have wide knowledge about problem solving, continuous improvement,  teamwork and good relationships among various cultures and nations.

Work Experience
DCS Operator
PT Gasuma Federal Indonesia

Main activities and responsibilities:
– Monitor the equipments to ensure safe and efficient operation such as three phase separator, gas compressor, distillation column, refrigeration package, pump, valve, scrubber, vessel, production tank, etc
– operate the equipment in Condensate Plant, Acid Gas (CO2 and H2S) Removal Plant and LPG Plant using DCS
– Ensure the production runs well with aim safe and quality, monitor the parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow rate and level.
– Ensuring the following process procedure
– Active in safety committee and review procedures
– Respond to any alarm, event or accident quickly in order to minimize the impact of the unit and to prevent the spread of damage
– As an authorized person (AP), responsible to carry out safety precautions including safe isplation and restoration of mechanical plant and apparatus
– Communication and or coordination with plant operators, shifr supervisor, maintnance team and HSE departmnet to ensure cooperation for all operation activitiea including periodic swiching/confirmation test, if any
– Preparation and periodical review of Standard Operational Porcedures for systems and or unit operations

Personal skills and experience:
– Experience in activities for start up, shut down (S/D maintenance, S/D emergency), keep plant normal amd safe operation
– Lead the process operation team with five members
– Experience to operate gas refinery plant procesa using DCS
– Communication and collaboration with plant operators, shift supervisor, maintenance team and HSE department
– Taking data daily operational plant, analysis and trouble shoot any abnormal condition, and report them.
– Familiar to take sample, gas and liquid samples, and analysis them
– Familiar with safety equipments, personal gas detector, fire alarm systema, basic fire fighting and safe working procedures and performed daily housekeeping to clean an safely work area.
– Familiar with Pipinh and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
– Familiar with permit to work (PTW): cold permit, hot permit confined space to entry permit systems

Environmental Health Safety Engineer
Diponegoro University

Main activities and responsibilities:
– Take samlle of slil that contaminated caused drilling activities and analysis them
– Restoration contaminated land caused drilling activities until the land can be used for farming again
– Collaborate and Coordinate with Government Agriculture Service for land restoration and Pertamina as a client
– Following HSE standard procedures to achieve and maintain the target to restoration contaminated land

Personal skills and experience:
– Analysis the contaminated land caused drilling activities
– Collaboration and coordination with Government Agriculture Service and Pertamina well
– Have finishing this project a month ahead from agreed schedule

Education & Training
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
Diponegoro University
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